Codychat installation guide

First of all thank you for having purchased Codychat. For over a year this chat software have been tested live by many betatester to ensure that it will give you a great experience. Of course nothing in life is perfect but we think that Codychat is one of the most powerfull php chat system that you can find online.

System requirement

Codychat have little requirement but those requirement are important to allow the chat to work properly. If your server do not meet requirement please update your server and try intallation after all requirement are meet.

Step 1 - prepare the database

From your cpanel or other host management panel you need to create a new database that we will use in step 2 for installing the chat. Click the link bellow to see how to create database from cpanel.Do not install boombox in a already existing database that is used by another script you must create a new one that will only be used by the chat.

Step 2 - Upload all files to server

Codychat can be installed in root or any sub directory. Now you need to upload all files using cpanel files manager or ftp that is up to you to choose your prefered method. Once the transfert is complete make sure if you used ftp that no files transfert occured.

Step 3 - Reach and run the installer.

Good ! Now that you have created a database and have uploaded all files to your server you will need to reach the installer. This is pretty simple simply go to the url where you uploaded files. Follow installer instruction to proceed to installation.

Step 4 - Fillup your information.

During installation you will be prompt to provide your email and your activation code this is important that you use a valid email to receive future update notifications.

Installation completed.

Congratulation your new chat is now installed properly. You should see this window that confirm that the installation process has end with success.


I hope you will enjoy this chat as i enjoyed creating it. Thanks for using Codychat. If you have any question or suggestion about this chat please contact me via Bcaccess or at ill be glad to answer you as fast as i can.

Kind regards, BoomCoding.